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Woman’s Work

Woman’s Work, why though it is not good for childcare. It is essential to attend your kids for both of you and your partner. A stable behavior is a key to your child’s well-being.

#Why Woman’s Work?

woman work

All women working, but the term ‘working mothers’ has passed into common usage to describe those women who, in addition to housework and child-care, hold down another job. What working mothers have in common are the sometimes conflicting demands of both their job and their domestic responsibilities.

#Woman’s Work, For The Godness Of Their Family?

In practice, this is often determined by outside factors, such as the need for extra money, or the availability of a suitable job. Ideally, planning to be a working mother should start from the day you decide on a career.

There are some jobs, those that involve a lot of traveling or unsocial hours, where combining work with any kind of normal family .life is extremely difficult. Jobs that fit in with school hours makes it easier.

If you have never been at home all day with your children, they will not suffer from your absence, as long as they have a constant substitute carer. Once children start school, they quickly become more independent. Pre-school children can adjust if they are used to you being at home and then you start to work.

#What Should I Take Into Account Before Returning To Work?

women at work

Most of the problems arise out of unrealistic expectations at the outset. First, you must decide why you want to work.

If it is for the money, then you need to do the sums. The extra income may not be so appealing after subtracting tax, childcare and travel costs.

If you seek intellectual stimulation, the job must provide it. Working part-time or in a more lowly capacity than before may be frustrating. The whole family must be behind you, particularly your partner. Resentment from the family will only undermine the benefits of working.

#What Are The Advantages Of Being A Woman’s Work?

1The fulfillment of a challenging job.
2The extra income, and the independence this provides. Some women feel bored or isolated at home, and work provides company and stimulation.
3It can also restore the self-confidence many women lose when they are at home with children, bereft of variety as part of their daily experience.

#How Can I Balance Work With Caring For My Children?

Try to be realistic about what you can achieve. Recognize that if you are taking on extra work, something else will have to give.

If you hand the childcare over to someone else try not to feel guilty about it. Consider other ways of sharing the load. If possible, have the cleaning and ironing done for you, so you can spend time with the children rather than be forever catching up with the household chores.

Try and keep work and home separate. Have contingency plans ready for every foreseeable crisis. Do not lose sight of why you originally went out to work.

#What Are The Problems In Woman’s Work?

By definition, working mothers are trying to do two jobs at the same time. The first consequence is therefore straightforward fatigue and stress. People who are chronically tired are more prone to illness.

Stress is a factor implicated in many diseases from irritable bowel syndrome to eczema.

Working women often have poor diets, eating quick snacks which are the opposite of the low-fat, high-fiber diet important in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.

Working women are more likely to smoke – a notorious health hazard. Of course, these are not an automatic complication of having a job, just factors that need to be guarded against.

#What Help Is Available For Woman’s Work?

work for women

Start with your own friends, family, and neighbors. Knowing that there are people to call upon in a crisis makes an enormous difference to your peace of mind.

Identify what paid to help you need to employ. Childcare is likely to be the obvious requirement.

But do not forget that paying someone to do your cleaning, cooking, ironing or gardening might make an enormous difference to your ability to cope.

Some employers are making a big effort to attract women back to work.

They may offer creche facilities, flexible working hours, uniform or laundry expenses, subsidized meals or retraining. For information, try your local library.

There are books dealing with the issues working women face, and information about local self-help and playgroups is often on display.

Your local authority will have a list of approved childminders. If you are thinking of starting a business from home, your local bank will have an adviser who can help.

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