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What Are Good Personality Traits?

Good Personality Traits is reflected in our appearance, hair, and clothes, as well as in our behavior towards the world as a whole.

#How To Describe Good Personality Traits

positive personality adjectives

Personality describes the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that combine to determine the way an individual reacts to others and the world as a whole. It may be divided into thinking (cognition) and emotion (temperament).

People can be classified as having different types of personality, such as extroverted or introverted, or desperate or tender-minded. They may be said to be sociable and easy-going, or conformist and reserved.

A person may be regarded as outgoing in one situation (such as at work) and reserved in another (with friends). In some instances, the way in which a person performs a particular task may be related to personality type.list of personality types

A job applicant may have to take a test designed to measure certain personality traits which are felt to be important.

A person of sociable nature might be better suited to a sales job than someone more reserved who would be better off in a less outgoing line of work.

#How Does Good Personality Traits Develop?

The development of personality is a complex mixture of experience and learning as well as physical and genetic influences. The effects of upbringing, education, and culture all play a part in how a person responds to events.
Parental influence plays an important role. If too much is done for children, they may become over-dependent on others. Children also tend to model themselves on the adults around them as well as on the children they admire.
Negative childhood influences, such as rejection or humiliation, may lead to a feeling of inferiority in adult life. There may then be an attempt to compensate, by striving for success at all costs.
A minority have severe personality disorders that make it tough for them to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner.

Such individuals may experience considerable trouble in their personal relationships as well as in other aspects of their daily life.
They also tend to be more inflexible in their ability to adapt, thereby making matters worse.

#What changes good personality traits?

In many ways, personality is the combination of all that has gone before and should be regarded as a relatively stable part of an individual’s make-up.

However, it is not entirely fixed, and most people are capable of changing their attitudes throughout their lives.
Even older people can be surprisingly adaptable in their ability to cope with changes that affect the way they feel about the world around them.

Other factors, such as further education or exposure to different cultures, may result in a person becoming more open-minded and responsive to the needs of others.positive character traits for students

Alternatively, living within a narrow, restrictive community can lead to rigidity in both thoughts and feelings.
In the case of married couples or partnerships where there are marked personality differences, each partner may influence the personality of the other.

For example, a happy wife may help her overly shy husband to be more out-going, while he, in turn, might encourage her to act less impulsively.

#When can a change of good personality traits be harmful?

If an individual’s personality and behavior change suddenly and dramatically, this may prove confusing and even threatening to others who have become accustomed to the former self, especially if the modification is unpleasant.

The individual concerned may also suffer regarding personal relationships and employment prospects.
Factors which can have a harmful effect on personality are serious illnesses or accidents, particularly a significant head injury, a breakdown in close relationships or severe disappointments or failures.

Long-term stresses and psychological pressures may have a similar effect, sometimes continuing after the stresses or pressures have been removed.

What Are The Example Of Good Personality Traits Disorders?

Anti-socialLittle concern for the rights or feelings of others; reckless attitude towards the truth; an inability to tolerate frustration or boredom; and a predisposition to criminal behavior.
Obsessive/compulsivePreoccupation with ‘order’ and often doing trivial things in very particular ways, without regard for the feelings or needs of others; or an irrational fear of making mistakes if tasks are not carried out in an exact way.
MultipleThe presence of two or more apparently separate personalities in the same individual, each having its set of feelings and attitudes and a lack of awareness of the other personalities.
ParanoidCharacterized by regarding others with extreme suspicion; a tendency to overreact to relatively innocent events or remarks as though they were threatening or ill-meaning in some way; difficulty trusting well-meaning friends or colleagues.

#What can I do myself?

character traits generator

Courses are available to help people overcome minor personality problems. For example, timidity, shyness, and low self-esteem may all interfere with personal and prevent a person from experiencing their full enjoyment of life.

Courses in self-assertion, self-awareness, and even hypnotherapy may help provide the skills necessary to cope with and overcome such negative personality traits.

#When Can A Change Of Good Personality Traits Be Beneficial?

Those whose personality development has been restricted, or who believe they are less able, attractive or worthwhile than is justified, may benefit from adopting a more positive attitude.

For example, an overly nervous person, who is inclined to give in to others, can be trained to become more assertive, so increasing confidence and ability to cope.

Similarly, people who feel inferior because of a physical deformity or lack of achievement can be helped to recognize their positive aspects.

This may result in a blossoming of personality, instead of avoiding regular social contact, which is a major factor in ensuring a more fulfilling life.



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