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What Is Pollution In The Air Quality index?

Air Quality index, is due to the toxins from industries which provide essential services and even life-saving drugs add to the complexity of the air pollution problem.

Air Quality index helps us to breathe and make us healthy, which is made up largely of nitrogen and oxygen, together with small quantities of several other non-toxic gasses such as helium.

Any potentially harmful substance, be it another gas or a cloud of particles, which contaminates the atmosphere, is regarded as air pollution.

#What Is The Air Quality index?

Air Quality

Natural phenomena like forest fires and volcanoes pollute the air with smoke and sulfur. But most global air pollution is human-made.

Fossil fuels burnt to generate electricity, the industrial manufacture of metals and chemicals and the use of road vehicles all create a cocktail of pollutants which affect the quality air, which we breathe.

#What Causes Pollution In The Air Quality index?

Quality air pollution is also common indoors. The fumes of fresh paint in a room, or tobacco smoke in a crowded bar, are both sources of air pollution which can be hazardous to health. Proper ventilation is always a wise precaution.

#Air Quality index Pollution Can Be Minimised By Controlling Vehicles Engine Exhaust

A conventional petrol engine gives off
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Dioxide
Nitrogen Oxide
Sulfur Dioxide
Lead Particles
Lead pollution, in particular, is known to cause various physical and mental disorders, especially in children. Since the introduction of lead-free petrol in 1986, airborne lead levels have fallen by 70% and lead emission from cars reduced from 6,500 tons to 2,200 tons per year.

Air Quality Standards

But emissions of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides produced by city traffic are increasing. Not only noxious in themselves, when acted on by sunlight they produce a photochemical smog which can contain up to ten times the normal concentration of low-level ozone.

However, harmful emissions can be substantially reduced by the use of catalytic converters. Since January 1993, all new cars in the UK and EC have been legally required to have one fitted.

#Severe Air Quality index Pollution Leads To Death Also

Severely quality air pollution can cause death, but in most Cases, the pollutants we breathe are fairly dilute and their effects either slight or cumulative. Sore eyes and throat may be experienced by city dwellers — particularly on hot summer days.

The long-term effects of breathing highly polluted air may include the development of bronchitis, emphysema, heart disease and cancer. However, there is no evidence to show that inhabitants of heavily polluted areas were particularly prone to illness.


Chemical  source Effect
Carbon monoxide   Power stations, car exhausts Heart disease
CFCs      Aerosols. refrigeration unitsHeart, lung, nervous system damage
Formaldehyde Adhesives, car exhaustsEye, lung damage, cancer
Hydrocarbons   Car exhausts Produces ozone
Hydrogen sulphide Refineries, sewage Nausea, and vomiting
Lead   Metal manufacture, car exhausts Brain, nerve and blood cell damage
Nitrogen oxidesPower stations, car exhausts  Lung disorders, ozone formation
Ozone  Sunlight on nitrogen oxides Eye, lung damage
Sulphur dioxide  Power stations, steelworks  Eye, lung damage

Air Quality By City

#How To Control Air Quality index Pollution?

In Most of the advanced countries, the Department of the Environment is responsible for quality air. And they Inspectorate of Pollution controls emissions from major industries; local authorities control emissions to air from smaller processes. These organizations have the power to fine or even shut down offending companies.

In most cases, the technology exists to stop the worst forms of air pollution fatal lung diseases can be caused by particles of asbestos and coal dust in the air.

To protect workers from dangerous pollutants such as these, there are Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL) that state the maximum levels to which an adult can be exposed without ill effects. Some experts believe current OELs are too lax.

#Is Pollution In The Quality Air Dangerous?

The London smogs of the 1950s claimed the lives of thousands who were vulnerable due to existing cardio-respiratory conditions. This pollution was caused by domestic coal burning and was significantly reduced by the 1956 Clean Air Act, which created ‘smokeless zones.’

The effects of quality air pollution may not be so apparent today but are potentially still deadly. Cities and industrial sites remain the most heavily polluted, but the pollutants are free to disperse elsewhere.

#Pollution In The Quality Air On The Road

  • Keep your car journeys to a minimum. Walk, cycle, use public transport, or share your car, and combine errands in one trip.
  • Ensure your vehicle is properly serviced and maintained. Keep it garaged or undercover (a cold engine emits far more pollution than a warm one) and avoided using the car for short journeys, especially when cold.
  • Do not let the motor idle. In a traffic jam, switch it off.
  • likely to be delayed for more than a few minutes.
  • Try to avoid sudden braking or rapid acceleration, and do not speed.

#Pollution In The Air Quality index In Home

Air Quality Today

Turn down the central heating. Ensure boilers are regularly serviced. Use smokeless fuel or install a smokeless appliance.

Where possible, avoid using solvent-based paints, glues, varnishes, etc. (which give off hydrocarbons), or choose low-solvent types. Use a brush or roller, rather than a spray, and replace all lids and caps.

Limit your use of household cleaners, polishes, etc.

#Pollution In The Quality Air In Garden

Shred and compost yard waste, rather than light a bonfire, and never burn household waste.

Toxins from industries which provide essential services and even life-saving drugs add to the complexity of the air pollution problem.

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