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What Are Acne Types?

Acne Types are more adolescent in boys and girls and suffer from acne at some point, but usually, only in a mild form, Acne types have been found to be mild and persistent in nature.

#What Causes Different Acne Types?

Sebum, a waxy substance secreted from glands with-in-the-hair follicles, generally serves to lubricate the skin.

If the channel from the gland to the skin gets clogged with sebum, the follicle then expands into a visible, inflamed lump known as someone. When the lump remains closed, a white head develops.

If someone opens, the exposed pigment forms a blackhead. If the pressure in the person forces the sebum into the surrounding skin, cysts can form.

Acne forms deep in the skin, so surface dirt is not attached to the instigator, However, squeezing the spots can spread the bacteria and worsen the condition. By eating chocolates, foods, sexual activities or uncleanliness.

More severe acne may need treatment with prescribed medication.

#Acne Types, A Short Description?

acne pictures

Before understanding the effect of acne cosmetics, we want to understand what acne is?

Acne which is called acne vulgaris is due to skin disorder resulting in whiteheads, spots, blackheads and, in the most severe form, cysts, and abscesses which can leave disfiguring, pitted scars when they heal.

Although it can cause acute distress at the time, acne usually clears up after the teenage years, leaving the skin smooth and healthy.

#Acne Types Causes And Cure

acne home remedies

Acne types triggered by the use of cosmetics is mild but persistent form. This can occur anywhere on the body, but the face, neck, most commonly on the scalp and hairline.

Acne cosmetics, leather or like little bumps along the scalp surface. Skin look and feel rough.

What starts the process is still uncertain; contributing factors may increase the levels of male hormones at puberty that stimulate the production of more sebum; excessive bacteria on the skin; high humidity; some cosmetics; and changes caused by some drugs (e.g., the pill, steroids, and anti-epilepsy medications).

#What Can I Do Myself?

To minimize skin greasiness, wash your face twice a day with a mild, unscented soap. Wash your hair frequently and avoid letting it down over your face. Use a


Spots, whiteheads, blackheads and red bumps which appear on the face, neck, back, shoulders, chest or buttocks, the emergence of new spots as older ones heal.

#How Is Acne Diagnosed And Treated?

Acne is apparent from the persistent presence of spots, whiteheads, and or blackheads. The sufferer can treat mild acne by removing excess sebum. Tretinoin cream, gel or lotion is effective in moderate acne.

acne treatments

It unblocks follicles and improves sebum drainage. Small doses of antibiotics will reduce inflammation around the follicles and kill certain types of bacteria.

Isotretinoin capsules are only used for severe cystic acne because of the many potential side effects during treatment.

Moisturizer which does not aggravate the condition and try to spend some time in the sun (but avoid getting sunburnt).

As this can help clear up a mild outbreak of acne. Some over-the-counter preparations can be quite useful in treating cases.

#When Should I See My Doctor?

If self-care does not help and acne becomes severe, get professional advice. Your doctor may be using a prescription.


A weak infusion of lavender or marigold flowers can be used twice a day as a lotion for oily skins, and an elderflower infusion, or distilled witch hazel, can be used as a facial astringent.

Applying primrose oil may help to treat severe acne, and the scars can be reduced with an application, twice a day, of Aloe Vera gel.

Acne cosmetics might be a right solution for treating acne scar.

#What Does The Doctor Do?

Depending on the severity of the acne, the doctor prescribes one or more medications in topical form to the skin or tablet form. Benzoyl peroxide peels off the outer layers of the skin, unblocking pores.

#Is Acne Dangerous?

acne types

Acne is not dangerous but it can be unsightly, and therefore distressing, for the sufferer.

Although mild acne disappears in the early twenties, severe acne may leave permanent raised or pitted scars.

This may result in psychological damage to sensitive teenagers.

In these cases, it is recommended to reduce scarring and alleviate the mental distress.

#What Can I Do To Avoid Acne?

Practice careful hygiene.
Wash your face daily or twice daily if you have oily skin with unperfumed soap.
Avoid the use of creams and lotions that will block the follicles and promote someone's formation.
Do not pick at spots. Keep your hair clean and off your face, especially if it tends to be greasy.
Progress Due To Acne Cosmetics
A healthy hair follicle with the channel leading to the skin clear of sebum.
The channel leading to the skin has become blocked with sebum.
The follicle expands, and a visible eruption appears on the surface of the skin.


Isotretinoin, a derivative of Vitamin A, may be prescribed as capsules to treat severe cases of acne.

However, it should never be taken during pregnancy and at least three months before attempting to get pregnant, as it can cause congenital disabilities.

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